October 16

Wall of Fame


Congratulations to all of the students below who are being recognized for outstanding work, behavior, or progress in language arts!  I am VERY proud of you!

Summer Vacation

  • Tessa F.  and Ella S.  –  Great initiative in securing copies of your independent novel choices!

The All Important First Week of School

  • Morgan H.  –  Posting the first comment to our blog.  Well done!
  • Taz, Gabe G., Emma H., Jade N., and Hanna Y.  –  Terrific participation and behavior on the first day!
  • Little Pool  –  Having a fantastic attitude!
  • Avery E. – Securing sound for our Epson Board!
  • Aleihs J. –  Having a positive attitude!
  • Nolan E. –  Excellent participation and focus during instruction!
  • Brandon H. – Amazing energy during our mind and body break time!
  • Keith E. – Great focus and participation!
  • Dean J. – Excellent focus in class on his “By the Numbers” activity!
  • Jayden S. – Outstanding fire drill leadership!


  • Dean J.  –  Coming up with an infinite Word Pyramid!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…
  • Madison C. –  Excellent focus during Boy Writer’s Response!
  • Maisie G. – Fantastic effort and attitude in class!
  • Tessa F., Emma T., Kate G., Lukas F., Lindsay B., Tyler M., Carson B., and Trevor C.   –  Excellent attention to directions in the computer lab!
  • Isaac R.,  Abbie R., Caydance D., Katie M., and Ethan S.  – Excellent participation and focus during our conflict lesson!


  • Lukas F. & Avery E. – Outstanding participation and motivation!  WAVE Award Recipients!
  • Katie M., Seann P. & Aleihs J. –  Excellent tech assistance during our avatar lesson!
  • Samantha S. – Excellent focus & effort on the “At a Crossroads” summary!
  • Nick S.  –  Providing our daily dose of Christmas & laughter!
  • Gabe G.- Outstanding assistance to peers during the Week 2 Student Blogging Challenge
  • Ella S. – Excellent activity suggestion during our 7 Mindsets “Everything is Possible” brainstorming!
  • Noah S. –  Terrific focus and behavior in class!
  • Jarrod D. – Demonstrating effort and focus during Week 2 Student Blogging Challenge activities.
  • Tessa F., Kate G., & Jarrod D. – Being the first students in Periods 1/2 to take an independent novel test!
  • Katelynn C., Owen D., & Noah S. – Being the first students in Periods 7/8 to take an independent novel test!


  • Alaina B. – Excellent work on all myPerspectives assignments!
  • Kelly W. – Terrific motivation & work ethic!  Welcome!
  • Emma T. – Excellent detail in blog posts!