July 12

School Supplies

All students are required to bring the following items to class each day:

  • GMS assignment notebook  (provided at the start of school)
  • Writing utensils  (black ink, blue ink, or pencils)

Students are asked to bring in the following items (assigned by last name):

  • Last names beginning A – F:   2 glue sticks
  • Last names beginning G – K:   2 highlighters  (any colors)
  • Last names beginning L – P:   1 pair of scissors
  • Last names beginning Q – Z:   1 pack of pencils
  • All last names:   1 box of tissues

Advanced Language Arts 7 students will need:

  • a 1.5″ binder
  • a pack of dividers (any color)
  • a one subject spiral notebook
  • notebook paper
  • colored pencils

Language Arts 7 students (Periods 3/4) will need:

  • 3 one subject spiral notebooks
  • colored pencils
  • 1 folder (with pockets and prongs)

Thank you!