August 14


Language Arts 8
Greenville Middle School


We are very pleased to welcome your child to an exciting new year at Greenville Middle School! The year is going to be filled with wonderful opportunities for our students! Emphasis will be placed on reading & comprehension strategies, writing skills, vocabulary, and critical thinking skills.

We will read several novels and many short stories throughout the course of the year. Copies of all novels read together in class will be available for use during the school day; however, your child is welcome to obtain his/her own personal copies of the books.

Our students will take part in activities designed to promote responsibility, community awareness, and educational growth. Your child will have the opportunity to create technology based performance assessments (podcasts, personal blog, etc.), will submit at least one piece of writing for publication, and will, schedule permitting, present a portfolio of his/her accomplishments to parents, staff, and community members at the end of the year.

Our classes provide students with enhanced and extended learning experiences. In language arts, our goal is to provide an environment in which students may develop independent and critical thinking abilities, creativity, collaboration, leadership, and academic skills. Students will be consistently challenged and encouraged throughout the learning process. The process of learning is highly valued in our classroom.

Educational Development:
The transition to eighth grade is a significant step for students. During this time, it is essential that there be open and constructive communication between school and home. Please contact us via email (,,, or telephone if you have any questions, concerns or observations that could affect your child’s success. You may also view information about the course on our class blog at, and students and parents may keep up-to-date on the latest behavior information by logging onto Class Dojo (

Each GMS student is responsible for all homework, tests, quizzes, and class assignments. It is also the responsibility of each student to obtain any assignments that are missed due to absences. Please review the student handbook for a complete explanation of our school’s policy.

Class Grading Policy:
The following grading system will be used in our classroom:
• Tests, projects, and essays will count as 50% of the overall average
• Quizzes and daily grades will count as 30% of the overall average
• Homework and practice will count as 20% of the overall average.

Please make sure to check the Parent Grade Viewer regularly. Assignment scores and updates will be posted weekly. Comments about individual assignments will be posted in an effort to give insight into your student’s score. Occasional after-school study sessions will be assigned to students who fall behind in completing assignments or to students who would benefit from additional instruction.

Supply List:
All students are required to bring the following items to class each day:

• GMS assignment notebook (provided at the start of school)
• Writing utensils (black ink, blue ink, or pencils)

Students are asked to bring in the following items (assigned by last name):
• Last names beginning A – K: 2 glue sticks
• Last names beginning L – P: 1 pair of scissors
• Last names beginning Q – Z: 1 pack of pencils
• All last names: 1 box of tissues

We also would be thrilled to accept donations of sanitizing wipes!

Language Arts 8 students will need:
• a 1.5″ binder
• a pack of dividers (any color)
• 3 – one subject spiral notebooks
• notebook paper
• colored pencils

Classroom Discipline:

It is imperative to have a safe, structured learning environment in order for all students to be successful. Each student is expected to follow school and classroom rules at all times, and all students will be held accountable for their behavior both in and out of the classroom. Parents and guardians will be notified of concerns and positive behavior via telephone, email, and/or letters mailed home. Our classroom rules are:

1. Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings.
2. Bring all required materials to class every day.
3. Follow directions the first time they are given.
4. Treat all students, staff, and visitors with respect.


We are going to have a fantastic year!