October 8

About Ms. Colley

Ms. Colley

Bilingual, adventurous, unusual, & humorous

Mother of Henry

Who loves traveling, “Stranger Things”, and spending time with her son

Who feels supportive when working with refugees, happy during Go Noodle dance sessions, and angry about discrimination of any kind

Who fears balloons, clowns, and heights

Who accomplished earning her Master’s Degree, earning a Fulbright award to Japan, and receiving a Fund for Teachers grant

Who wants to experience a trip to Iceland and an end to the threat of terrorism

Born in Texas & now living in Ohio

Ms. Colley

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About the Author

I am a highly qualified, certified teacher in the state of Ohio, and have a Master's of Science in Education. I speak German fluently, and have been the recipient of several grants including the Greenville Foundations Grant, the Japanese Fulbright Memorial Fund Grant, and the Funds for Teachers Grant.

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